About Us

Colleen Konieczny
Owner - PA Barn Quilts

Colleen Konieczny lives with her husband, Brian and six children on a working farm in the pleasant valley of Pennsylvania.  She loves the outdoors, hunting, exploring for burried treasures and nature crafting with her creative children, gardening and digging in the soil of their 200 year-old farm.  Indoors, she enjoys sewing and using her creativity in the kitchen and loves to come up with new recipes and canning concoctions from their large garden and fruit orchard.  She has been actively influential in starting one of the first barn quilt trails in Pennsylvania through her hometown of Bullskin township and it's surrounding areas.  Colleen is also the illustrator of the Jake the Snake series of children's books that are published.  She is presently busy working on starting a cheesecake baking business in 2011.

Heath Hoffer
Metal artist

Heath lives in the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania with his wife, Dianna and their four boys.  A journeyman machinist by trade, he has designed machines that are used across the globe.  After spending some time in China and touring several workplace facilities there, he has seen firsthand how our "made in China" products are mass produced at the expense and mistreatment of Chinese workers from the very young to the very old.  No wonder we Americans can purchase these items so cheaply.  At the same time we are getting a "bargain" we are jeopardizing the American dream of ownership!
Ironworks of Art is 100% American made!  All hardware parts are made here and the steel is from this country.  By buying our products, you are supporting American workers and you can take pride in the ownership of a beautiful handcrafted peice of American art.

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