How to Purchase a Quilt

Custom Barn Quilts or Welcome Quilts
Does your family have an heirloom quilt that has been passed down through generations?  We can make you a Barn Quilt or Welcome Sign in the same pattern.  All fabrics can be matched exactly right down to the weave.  Just send us a picture of your quilt and we will match it! 

Quilt pricing:

2x2 Welcome Quilt 250.00
3x3 Barn Quilt
4x4 Barn Quilt 450.00
Custom Sizes & Shapes Call for estimate.

The Lasting Beauty of Our Barn Quilts
Pennsylvania Barn Quilts are constructed of sturdy aluminum and are bolted together with stainless steel bolts in layers with rubber spacers between. This is done to allow rain water to pass through and also gives the piece a three-dimensional appearance.  Pattern-matched vinyl is applied to appropriate pieces to match the original quilt.  Where paint is used, an aluminum etchant is applied before painting to ensure the colors will withstand the weather's test of time.  When the sun reflects off our quilts, the color is truly radiant! 

The beauty of a Pennsylvania Barn Quilt is undeniable!  Just as a family quilt gives warmth and is a symbol of comfort, hanging a Pennsylvania Barn Quilt on your home will be a welcome celebrating the place you call HOME.

Four 2 inch stainless steel bolts and rubber feet are included as the mounting hardware. Shipping rates apply according to weight and any shipping insurance placed on the parcel.Approximate cost of shipping to a business address is $125. An additional $40 is charged for the building and materials of a wooden crate for safe shipping of your barn quilt. crate