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The American Quilt Trail
There are currently 24 states across America that proudly display their quilt barns and offer road maps for self-guided tours back their country roads.  There are often stories behind many of the quilts and most are printed in the trail guides.  Stop along your way and enjoy what country has to offer with farm markets, community- supported agriculture, pumpkin and apple festivals and county fairs.  Experience country living by staying on a farm for a weekend!  Pennsylvania as well as other states have working farms that offer accomodations.  Awake to the sound of a rooster's crow and allow your children to help with the morning feeding of the farm animals.  Then relax and enjoy the homespun hospitality of a country breakfast before your barn quilt traveling!
The vision of Donna Sue Groves to bring her community together with painted barn quilts across her county has grown into what is called a "Clothesline of Quilts" across America!  Suzi Parron, a writer and lover of barn quilts from Georgia,along with Ms. Groves has been signed with Ohio University Press to write a book about the barn quilt movement across this countryside and "tell the tales from the trail" along the way!  The book is called Barn Quilts and the American Quilt Trail and is soon to be released!  Visit her blog at

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