Pennsylvania Business Signs

salondivaWhen you drive through your town the chances are you will see many businesses with plastic light-up signage or vinyl banners advertising their storefronts. Your business sign is the very first impression you can make on potential customers. Our signs have a classic old world style made with quality materials and hand-painted details using only American made products crafted by local craftsmen.

As a new extension of Pennsylvania Barn Quilts, our signage is made of the same high quality products as our barn quilts. We specialize in double-sided projecting signage for your business or flush mounted signs to your storefront. Our signs are made of layers of heavy gauge powder-coated aluminum and assembled with stainless steel hardware. Standoffs are used between each layer to add to its 3-dimensional beauty that is further accentuated by lighting to your storefront. Our brackets are also made of heavy gauge steel and are powder-coated for lasting beauty and durability. We can add decorative scrollwork to your bracket to enhance your sign and keep with the period of your building.

salondiva2 Our local installer is a licensed electrician and will work with you to add the desired lighting to your sign so your business is highlighted day and night. Call us for an estimate and we will give you the individualized attention your business deserves at a quick turn around and fair price. We specialize in custom work and our designer will work with you to create a completely original sign that will draw customers to your store. The possibilities are endless!

Unsure of what you would like? Send us a picture of your storefront and we will digitally super impose our design right onto your building so you know exactly what you are ordering.storefront
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